Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a First-Person Shooter created by Guerrilla Games. Starting out as an animation intern during the end of pre-production I later joined as a full-time employee and moved on to a large variety of tasks:

– Creating and maintaining statemachines that seamlessly connect Gameplay sections to cutscenes and back to gameplay again.
– Creating and implementing previz animations of short sequences that play out while playing the game.
– Creating and maintaining statemachines for character animations at set points in the game that happen in the environment. In some cases the player can also interact with these.
– Key Framing vehicles and environmental animations for cutscenes.
– Polishing motion capture for non-combat NPC animations.
– Implementing animations for cutscenes.
– Delivering environments for motion capture outsourcing and communicating with outsourcing to ensure the proper implementation of deliveries.